Starting a fresh…

Me on our first day in Kefalonia! Take me back – please!

Unfortunately it has been awhile since my last blog post on here. In the midst of going on holiday for a week (which now feels like a distant memory), starting a new job (I’ve now been here a month) and moving house, the blog just had to take a back seat for a while! However I am itching to get the blog up and running again as with a house move comes a new garden to develop and exciting challenges.

A few Wild Strawberries we inherited in our old garden!

My Partner has asked me to reign it in slightly with this garden as we are hoping to buy in the future, so we will be moving again! I was a bit over ambitious with what I wanted to take with me on the last move and with lots of things already planted tensions were a little fraught! I have as always completely listened to my partner, and due to this already have a long list of seeds I want to plant and what I’d love to do with the garden! However I have vowed to myself that I am going to have to come up with fun and new ways of having a lovely garden but one that is easily moveable without all being in pots (any ideas are more than welcome)!

New Garden
The new garden from the patio doors

So I wanted to share my adventures with you as I start to create a new garden that is not only pretty but also provides us with tasty vegetables and fruit! I’ve already done a bit of work in the garden (we’ve only been here 2 weeks so far!) but there’s lots to do and also lots of planning for next year! I also live not far away from some lovely allotments, which I have applied for a plot on one, however I’m not holding my breath that I will get one anytime soon! Wouldn’t that be lovely though if it did happen? I don’t know if anyone else does this but I had a walk past one of the allotment sites the other day, scouting out which plots I felt weren’t used, there seems to be a few, but after being told I was on a waiting list obviously the organisers don’t see the same things I do! I’m keeping everything crossed that I get a call or an email!

A closer view of the garden before we moved in!

Anyway here’s to the future! I hope you find the posts exciting and join me for this journey, which will be filled with things I’m growing and recipes using the produce I’ve grown or other ways I have used plants from my garden. I will also be posting up places that I have been to, which have given me inspiration or tantalised my taste buds, as we all need some fresh ideas and some time off from cooking!

Lots of Love

Emily x


One thought on “Starting a fresh…

  1. A blank canvas to start growing on – wonderful! To cater for future move I suppose there are some things which can be grown in the ground but also lend themselves to being transplanted – rhubarb, various herbs like chives, etc. – the ones where we’re advised to lift and divide them every few years to reinvigorate them. I’m sure you’ll get a great mix going anyway.


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