Summer is in full swing!

Well Summer is most definitely here in England! We are experiencing wonderful temperatures and the garden is loving it! As you can imagine the watering at the moment is a full time job, but it gives me a brilliant excuse to get out in between the plants. I wanted to share a quick post with you to show you a few of the plants that are fully embracing Summer!

My first and favourite plants at the moment are the Lilies! They are slowly but surely opening up and I am so excited! Below is a picture of the first variety to bloom, which is called ‘Eyeliner’. As you can see the petal edges are beautifully half lined with a darker colour to resemble eyeliner. Nature really does amaze me as this Lily can definitely rock eyeliner better than me! I have to say there isn’t a smell with this variety however it’s beauty is gorgeous! I’ve got some other Lilies, which are slowly opening so I will share them with you once they are out.

The beautiful Lily 'Eyeliner'
The beautiful Lily ‘Eyeliner’

The next plant is a little way behind the Lilies but one that is going to be just as stunning! It is a gorgeous white Delphinium that my mum kindly gave me a root of! By the time I got it home it had split again into two so I planted it in the garden and hoped for the best! The below photo is of the bigger clump, but the smaller one is doing just as well! I’m so pleased with it and I can’t wait till it fully opens! I’ve had problems keeping Delphiniums in my garden (I’m on heavy clay so maybe it gets too cold and wet for them?), so I am very impressed with this one at the moment! I just hope it can brave the winter! I’d also love to take some of the spires inside but I think I might be pushing my luck a bit here!

The white Delphinium ready to burst into flower!
The white Delphinium ready to burst into flower!

At this time of the year I had to include a Clematis and just couldn’t resist my gorgeous ‘Candy Stripe’ Clematis! I purchased this last year and it is even bigger and better this year! I have paired it with a beautiful baby pink rose, however at the end of this year they will unfortunately need splitting as they have outgrown each other! This Clematis flowers in abundance and always looks so summery!

Clematis 'Candy Stripe' basking in the sunshine
Clematis ‘Candy Stripe’ basking in the sunshine

The last plant I wanted to share with you is this gorgeous rose, which I have featured on here already but one that is flowering it’s little heart out! This is a David Austin rose called ‘Tess of the d’Ubervilles’. It is a beautiful rose with such a rich and deep crimson colour, however the scent is also just as fantastic! In the evening after a warm day the scent of this rose lingers and it is gorgeous! After I bought this rose last year it went very sickly and I was worried about it, however after some TLC it seems to have come back fighting this year and is doing better then I could have ever expected! The amount of dead heading I have to do is proof to that!

David Austin Rose 'Tess of the d'Ubervilles'
David Austin Rose ‘Tess of the d’Ubervilles’

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little tour around my favourite plants and hopefully it’s a post I could maybe feature every couple of weeks? I’d love to hear about your favourite plants at the moment!

Em x


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