Cholmondeley Castle and the Plant Hunters Fair!

Rugged up and umbrella in hand my partner and I made our way last Sunday to Cholmondeley Castle for the Plant Hunters Fair!

I’d been so excited and eagely anticipating our trip out on Sunday as I hadn’t been to Cholmondeley Castle for a number of years, and I couldn’t wait to see what pretty plants were on offer on the stalls! As we turned into the entrance of Cholmondeley Castle and collected our ticket I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed! 

As my partner had never been to Cholmondeley Castle we first went for a walk past the stunning castle to absorb the beauty of it! As you can see from the photo below it is a sight to behold!

Cholmondeley Castle in all its glory!

We carried on past the castle on the ‘Camelia Walk’, which was full of colour and established Camelia’s as well as a tall, big bloomed Magnolia tree that framed the back drop of sprawling fields and rare breed livestock! 

The biggest blooms I have ever seen on a Magnolia Tree

A short wander further on and we stumbled on the quaint tea rooms  and the stalls of the Plant Hunters Fair. I couldn’t resist having a look at all the plants and what a selection! I have to admit I did set myself a budget (otherwise I’m dangerous!) we did go slightly over but it was only slightly! The selection was full of delights; Peonies, Geums and Aquilegia to name but a few! I quickly pulled my purse out and began snapping up my plants. Each plant was healthy and a very good size plus each stall looked after our plants for us, which was so kind! All the stalls were run by nurseries and the growers of the plants so you could see the passion and love that had gone in to the plants. A selection of terracotta pots and cane toppers caught my eye on a stall, which I wish I could have bought had I not already spent my budget! Hopefully I’ll catch them at another Plant Hunters Fair!

Once my purse was empty my partner declared the coffees were on him! We made our way to the wooden tea room which was bursting at the seams with hungry and cold patrons! The smells of coffee and homemade food wafted under our noses and the decor or gingham green curtains and kitsch items made the tea room feel so cosy! 

Fuelled with a hot latte we braved the weather once more and strolled up Temple hill to walk amongst the giant trees and stunning Camelia’s, Magnolias and Rhodedendrons. Temple hill was so quiet and peaceful despite the wind as the trees kindly kept it out and created a sheltered sanctuary for us. Spotting the Castle’s gardens we headed for the bright lights of Springs emerging flowers.   

Isn’t nature amazing? A perfect Camelia at Cholmondeley Castle

We wandered the gardens first at ‘The Glade’ which provided borders emerging from sleep and a gorgeous Cherry Blossom Tree. The garden flowed on to ‘Laburnum Grove’ and ‘Lavinia Walk’, where you could catch stunning views of the Castle and the creative planting which led you through the garden. It was then on to the lake with an amazing statue taking centre stage on the island with the planting of Hellebores, ferns (starting to uncurl) and blossom trees creating a beautiful backdrop. 

A peaceful and tranquil setting!

As the rain started and the cold pushed through our layers we made our way back to the plant stalls to pick up our plants. Capturing another glance of Cholmondeley Castle, I promised myself I would be back in Summer to explore some more! 

Even in the rain its beauty shines through!

Having returned home and warmed up sufficiently I took stock of the new plants I had bought! I was so impressed with what was on offer and also that the choice made me chose plants I wouldn’t necessarily choose in a garden centre! I can’t wait to get planting and also to return to another Plant Hunters Fair!


A lovely selection of plants at the Plant Huntets Fair at Cholmondeley Castle

For more information on the Plant Hunters Fairs, visit their website they have lots of different events on around the North West and parts of the Midlands.

Also if you’d like to visit Cholmondeley Castle you can find all the details and opening times at

I certainly recommend them both as despite the weather, we had a wonderful time!



4 thoughts on “Cholmondeley Castle and the Plant Hunters Fair!

    • Oh wow! So glad you’ve been to one too! Aren’t they good! Yes I certainly did and they are all romping away! I’m going to try and get to some more this year as I loved the plants on offer!


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